Our Girls: Bailey, Jackie, Maggie, and Jessie



Maggie was our beautiful, beloved, black Labradoodle. She was 90 pounds of pure love who was very playful and enjoyed the outdoors.

When Maggie was nine years old, we decided to remodel the first floor of our home and replaced all the carpet with hardwood flooring. We had no idea what an impact this decision would make on Mags life. Because she was getting older and began suffering from arthritis and mobility issues, the hardwood floors were a nightmare for her. Mags was unable to get up on her own. We physically had to lift her up to a standing position for her to get a drink of water, to eat food, or to go outside to the restroom. Even then, she would slip as she walked. This was heartbreaking. Maggie began to lose confidence and her joy.

Something had to be done.

We tried many things such as – like shaving the bottoms of her paw pads, we tried to use different types of skin lotions on her pads, different types of dog booties. When our time with Maggie was near the end. We even bought a new “back up” Labradoodle puppy to make our transition easier.

Through Bob's career as a materials and application engineer, he discovered a special material that made it possible for us to come up with a solution. 

We applied this unique material to Maggie’s nails, and it gave her the grip and confidence to trek across our hardwood floors. This material gave Maggie the ability to live four more years and enjoy her time pretending to be a mom to our younger labradoodle (Bailey). We immediately knew this material was a perfect solution for senior dogs and dogs recovering from leg surgery.

And that is the story of how we developed Mag’s Paw Grips.

More About Our Flagship Product

This proprietary material is made of a silicone rubber which has a high co-efficient of friction. Its high friction property allows this material to grab to the dog’s nail while providing great traction on hard flooring surfaces.

The material is also unique because it only bonds to itself while giving dogs traction in negotiating both hardwood and hard surface floorings.

The bonding attribute allows the material to be wrapped around the dog’s nail and once the material intimately touches back to itself the bond begins.  

Note – this material does not actually stick to the dog’s nail. Mag’s Paw Grips stays securely in place with the friction and the grab of the material.

Mag’s Paw Grips utilize an innovative material that requires no adhesive or glue. This patented gripping material has a very high level of tack.

This tack is key in two ways:

First, it helps to keep the paw grips on your dogs’ nails.

Secondly, it gives great traction on hardwood floors and other hard surface flooring materials.  

This material sticks to nothing except to itself. The nail grips usually last for 3 to 4 weeks. When it is time to replace your dog’s nail grips the removal of the old grips is very easy. Since no adhesive or glue is used in the application of this material there is no sticky or dried glue to try to remove from your dogs’ nails.

Mag’s Paw Grips are translucent – this feature is nice to avoid attention to your dogs’ nails. Translucent is the only available option at this time.