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Mag's Paw Grips

The Original Mag's Paw Grips

The Original Mag's Paw Grips

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Anti-slip traction for older dogs and dogs recuperating from leg operations. Each Pack comes with 20 Nail Wraps (one for each nail with extra) and application instructions. Wraps last approximately 1 month. 

*Pictures above are of Bailey — our CFO (Chief Furry Officer)

Product Highlights:

- No glue
- No adhesives
- No mess
- Easy to apply
- One size fits all
- Great gripping power
- Perfect solution for older dogs and recuperating dogs that have walking difficulties on hard floors
- Helps protect wooden floors from active and young dogs


Mag's Paw Grips are made from a safe Patent Pending silicone material manufactured in the United States.

How to use

For directions on how to apply Mag's Paw Grips, please see our Help guide here.


Free shipping and handling in the USA!

Return policy

If you are not satisfied with Mag’s™ Paw Grips® please contact us by email at for return authorization before returning the Mag’s™ Paw Grips®.

Application Tips

➡️ Does your furry friend struggle with oily nails and skin? If so, we recommend rubbing the nails with isopropyl alcohol before applying the paw grips. This allows the grips to stay on the nail better.

See our help page for more helpful tips 👍

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bridget G
Practice makes perfect! Top notch service!

These wraps were purchased for my then 90lb male 5 year old pup that had just had TPLO surgery. He had one big slip on our hardwood floor, post surgery, resulting in more pain and a staple popping out. We tried some of the paw pads but they pulled some of his pad off when we were carefully removing them. So we had to find an alternative. Bob and Rhonda were SO HELPFUL! They answered my questions via email while they were on vacation. We tried the thicker tape the first order and the regular tape the second time. The thicker was definitely harder to get on but lasted approximately 2-3 weeks before seeing the wear or needing to be replaced. The regular tape went on easier but the wear showed sooner. We noticed that he didn’t need to have EVERY nail wrapped in order to help with his traction. Which meant more applications in one package. I have given the product name and contact information to our family vet and the surgery center that took care of him. I have also mentioned Mags Paw Grips on a few celebrity instagram posts. The wraps take practice and patience (human and canine) to be effective. If you have ANY questions or issues PLEASE contact the company before giving up or writing a bad review. The owners are so willing to help because they know the product can help improve the quality of life. So do I!

Incredible customer service

Unfortunately for me and my pup, I couldn't get them on her. Not because of a product default, but because she keeps yanking her paws away. I may have the groomer try to put them on her next time. However, the customer service is absolutely magnificent. This is a small, family owned company and I love to support that. Bob was extremely helpful and replied very quickly when I needed assistance!

Kim Clark

These are the worst! I watched the video, did all my prep & they are not what they should have been. Would not stretch to pull tight & could not for the life of me get them to stay on the nail.
Don’t waste your time or money!!!!

Hello Kim - I am truly sorry that you had a difficult time trying to apply your grips. We are here to assist if you want to try it again. Please send us an email at I would really like to better understand what is occurring when you tried to apply the grips.

Sharon Barber
Great Customer Service

I had ordered grips because my senior dog was having difficulty walking on hardwood floors. He also had heart disease and cancer. He passed a couple days after I placed the order. I contacted the company and they responded quickly to my request to return the item. I would definitely order from this company again.

Adria Wright
Bulldog Bro

We were so hoping that these would be a great solution for our elderly dog Bro but unfortunately they had the opposite effect for some reason. I watched the video and cut the grips as shown but for some reason they made him slip and slide on our floor even worse. I’m sure it’s a wonderful solution for other dogs but for some reason they didn’t help with ours. I’m grateful there are products on the market to help our elderly dog babies!