Old Dog, New Grips

Mag's Paw Grips help give new life to your sweet, aging pup by providing extra grip to their claws through our patented non-invasive silicone wrap material.

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🐾 Product Highlights 🐾

- No glue
- No adhesives
- No mess
- Easy to apply
- One size fits all
- Great gripping power
- Perfect solution for older dogs and recuperating dogs that have walking difficulties on hard floors
- Helps protect wooden floors from active and young dogs

Super Simple to Apply

Why Mag's Paw Grips?

When our beloved black Labradoodle, Maggie, turned nine, she began to have mobility issues. Mags was unable to get up on her own from our hardwood floors. We had to physically lift her up to a standing position for even the simplest of tasks: eating, drinking, or going outside. Even then, Mags would slip as she walked. It was heartbreaking to see, and Maggie began to lose her confidence and joy. We knew something had to be done. After trying many products on the market, we came up with our own solution. Over the next four years, we perfected Mag's Paw Grips.

  • What are Mag's Paw Grips?

    Our innovative strips of this patented grippy material require no adhesive or glue and have a very high level of tack. The high tack of our nail wraps only sticks to itself, for easy application and pain-free removal. Our nail grips provide great traction on slick hard flooring materials, such as tile and hardwood floors.

    Mag's Paw Grips usually last 3-4 weeks.

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