How To Apply Mag's Paw Grips

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Would Mag’s Paw Grips be beneficial for my dog?

Answer – Mag’s Paw Grips are intended for older dogs and dogs that have mobility issues while maneuvering on hardwood and hard surface flooring. If you dog walks OK on grass surfaces or carpeted surfaces but has a tough time on hardwood or hard surfaces, then your dog should be a good candidate for Mag’s Paw Grips. Mag’s Paw Grips are also great for dogs that may be recuperating from many types of leg surgeries. The extra traction helps reduce slipping on hard surfaces which may prevent additional injury.  


Question - My dog is a younger and active dog that tends to slip and slide on our hardwood floors. Would Mag’s Paw Grips be good for my dog.

Answer - Mag’s Paw Grips are intended for older dogs or dogs with mobility issues. You can still use these grips on more active dogs, but the material will tend to wear out a lot quicker due to the higher activity of the dog. We do offer a thicker version of Mag’s Paw Grips which may be the solution for your dog. This thicker version is 50% thicker than the standard version and is a little firmer (due to the thickness) than the standard version.    


Question – Are Mag’s Paw Grips made in the USA?

Answer – Yes. Mag’s Paw Grips are made and assembled here in the USA. The patented silicone rubber is also made in the USA.


Question – Are there different sizes of Mag’s Paw Grips?

Answer – No – One size fits all dogs. For Giant breeds we do have a thicker version of Mag’s Paw Grips that are 50% thicker than the standard version. Please request the thicker version (0.030” thick) when ordering for your giant dog. The thicker version is a little stiffer than the standard version that could make it more difficult to place on smaller sized dogs.


Question – Do Mag’s Paw Grips come in different colors?

Answer – No. The translucent version is the only color currently


Question:  Do dogs chew off the Mag’s Paw Grips?

Answer – Not usually. It is our experience that dogs are not even aware that the paw grips have been applied. The paw grips are only applied only to the nail and we have found that the dog does not even know that the nail grips are on their nails. We have been testing, evaluating Mag’s Paw Grips for over four years.  


Question – If my dog did swallow a paw grip what should we do.

Answer – We would suggest calling your veterinary office to discuss. Mag’s Paw Grips are made from a silicone rubber material which should not cause any harm to a dog. Like all small items – choking hazard is always a concern.  After Mag’s Paw Grips are applied to a nail the actual size is relatively small (about the size of a piece of a kibble size dog food) and should pass through the dogs’ digestive system without any problem. Another key feature of Mag’s Paw Grips is that nothing sticks to the silicone rubber material – this should keep the material moving throughout the dog’s digestive tract.  


Question – How long should Mag’s Paw Grips last on my dog?

Answer – This really depends on the weight of your dog and how active your dog is. The more weight and the more active the paw grips will wear quicker.  Another key factor is your dog’s gait (or how it walks). With our four years of research and development we have found that Mag’s Paw Grips usually last about three to four weeks.  


Question – How do I know that it is time to replace the used paw grips?

Answer – A tell-tale sign is when you start hearing “clicking” while the dog is walking this means that the nail is directly contacting the flooring. Inspect the paw grips to see if they are worn through. We have found that sometimes that one of the center nails wears out before the others.  If this is the case, you may need to replace the single worn paw grip (instead of replacing all the paw grips). Simply remove that worn grip – inspect the nail – and put on a new paw grip. We include 20 paw grips with every kit (you need only 16) but we include four spare paw grips in case one wears out before the other grips.    


Question – My dogs’ feet are hairy. Would it be difficult to put the Mag’s Paw Grips onto our dogs nails.

Answer – We recommend clipping away the long hair from and around your dog’s nails. This will allow the patented material to be applied only to the nail without the hair interference. We suggest letting a dog groomer to perform this trimming task if you are not comfortable in the hair cutting process.


Question - My dog has naturally oily fur (she's a black lab).  Will Mag's Paw Grips work on our dog?

Answer - We have tested Mag's Paw Grips on many breeds of dogs.  If the fur is naturally oily then the nails could be on the oily side as well.  Wiping the dogs nails with a paper towel that is wet with alcohol.  This should break up the oily surface and give a nice clean surface for the grips to stay on better.  


Question – I have an older Black Lab. Would the Mag’s Paw Grips be noticeable.  

Answer – No. Mag’s Paw Grips are translucent in color. Your dog’s nail color should be clearly seen through the grip material.  


Question – Why do you have twenty paw grips in each kit when my dog only has 16 nails?

Answer – If one of the nail grips would wear out before the other grips.  We supply four extra paw grips in each kit for this reason.


Question – Should we trim the hair around the nails and on the bottom of our dog’s pad.

Answer – Yes to both. This hair can prevent Mag’s Paw Grips from directly contacting the nail and could result in the paw grip from coming off prior to wearing out. Most dog groomers can assist in this simple hair cutting.    


Question – Do you offer any discounts for repeat customers?

Answer – We do have an automatic monthly ship program. By enrolling in this program, you will be offered a discounted price at check-out.  


Question – Would Mag’s Paw Grips be able to be used on other household pets (for example our cat)?

Answer – No. Cats have retractable claws, and the paw grips should not be used on cats or other animals.


Question – Do Mag’s Paw Grips use adhesive or glue to keep them in place?

Answer – No. One of the key features of this patented material is that it is very gripping in nature. The second feature is that this patented material sticks to nothing except to itself.  When wrapping the dogs nail – slight tension is to be used. This tension will let the Paw Grip to grab securely onto the nail surface without glue. This tension also provides intimate contact to the previous layer of the material – this will fuse the material to itself. Keep on wrapping the nail and also cover the tip of the nail with one or two wraps.  


Question – What should we do if our dog is resistant to having his feet or paws touched.

Answer – First - We would recommend watching our installation videos here. Some dogs have not been exposed to having their feet touched and handled. We would recommend some sessions of simply handling your dogs feet – a favorite reward is usually all that is required after he lets you handle his feet. If you are unable to still handle your dog’s feet, it may be required to have someone to assist you. You could try this at home, or you could let your veterinary or groomer to assist in this process. Not all dogs will allow you to handle their feet.  If this is the case, then Mag’s Paw Grips might not be a good solution for you.  


Question – How long will Mag’s Paw Grips stay good in an unopened package.  

Answer - Mag’s Paw Grips should be perform as intended for 12 months after you receive them. Please sore in a cool dry location.  


Question – Can Mag’s Paw Grips be used both indoors and outdoors?

Answer – Yes. The patented material is made from a silicone rubber that can be used inside or outside.


Question – Should I cut my dogs nails prior to applying Mag’s Paw Grips to my dogs’ nails?

Answer – We would suggest trimming the nails prior to installation.  Dog’s nails continue to grow throughout the dog’s lifetime.  Most vets and dog groomers suggest trimming your dogs’ nails monthly.  If you are not comfortable in trimming your dogs’ nails, then we recommend that you bring your dog to a trained professional to have the nails trimmed.  


Question – Do you have any suggestions for shorter nails or smaller dogs whose nails are smaller.

Answer – We would recommend cutting the corner of paw grip off at a diagonal. Next, start your application using the skinny end of the paw grip. Be sure to use good tension on the material while wrapping to ensure that intimate contact to the nail is achieved. If your dog’s nails are very short, you should wrap the nail and tip of the nail a few times and cut off the remaining material. Be sure to firmly press the remaining material onto the wrapped material – this will ensure a great bond of the material layers of the silicone.  


Question – Will Yeast or fungus grow under Mag’s Paw Grips?

Answer – We do recommend inspecting your dog’s nails prior to installing the nail grips for any obvious issues. Dogs’ nails are not usually a breeding ground for yeast, fungus, or bacteria.  


Question – Would Mag’s Paw Grips pose any issues regarding ingesting by cats or other small animals.

Answer – We would recommend keeping Mag’s Paw Grips away from cats and other small animals. All small items could present a choking hazard and we all want to keep our furry friends safe.  


Question – Mag’s Paw Grips packaging states to keep out of the reach of small children. Why do you state this?

Answer – Our biggest concern is safety and to be aware of all small items that a child may encounter. Even though infrequently, Mag’s Paw Grips can fall off your dogs nail.  This usually is the result of improper installation on to your dog’s nail. Usually, you will hear your dogs nail “clicking” on the floor – this clicking sound would mean that one of the paw grips has worn through to the nail or on of the paw grips has fallen off your dog.  


Question – Where Can I purchase Mag’s Paw Grips?

Answer - Mag’s Paw Grips are currently available through this website. We are working with veterinary offices, dog groomers, and boutique pet shops to carry our products. We will soon be able to provide a listing of locations for you.  


Question - What is your return policy?

Answer – We are very confident that you will love Mag’s Paw Grips. For over four years we have perfected the ultimate solution for your furry friend. We developed Mag’s Paw Grips to help our own dog out. Our paw grips enabled our Maggie to confidently maneuver our hardwood floors in the waning years of her life. We will gladly try to assist you with any additional questions or concerns through our email ( In the event that you are not satisfied with Mag’s Paw Grips we will gladly refund your purchase if returned by US mail within 30 days of your initial purchase.  


Question – Do you ship to countries outside the USA?

Answer – Currently we ship only in the USA.  Shipping is free to the contiguous 48 states.  Shipping charges will be added to the invoice for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.   


Question – Where is Mag’s Paw Grips located.

Answer We are in and ship from beautiful Salem, Virginia.  


Question – How are Mag’s Paw Grips shipped?

Answer – We ship with USPS. We pay for all the shipping and handling for all domestic orders.  Shipping charges will be added to the invoice for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.